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There are abundant opportunities ahead for the 12th District.

Washington needs to encourage business investment by reducing regulation and creating a supportive business environment.

We have an obligation to manage our natural resources in a manner that focuses on productivity, restoration, and preservation.

I will work to prevent the erosion of private property rights while ensuring responsible and respectful utilization of property.

“As State Representative, I am committed to ensuring that our counties and cities are provided the funding needed to perform the necessary services of local government, while protecting your constitutional rights. "

  • Promoting, protecting, and enhancing business and industry (agriculture and tourism)
  • Providing a voice for local governments Protecting private property rights
  • Ensuring there are no unfunded mandates
  • Preserving transportation infrastructure
  • Making government responsive and accountable to its citizens
  • Protecting our precious natural resources with active forest management
  • Working toward more predictable and sustainable public health programs
  • Providing adequate resources to protect our most vulnerable citizens
As a commissioner, I have been a strong advocate for agriculture, tourism, workforce training and public health.