Keith Goehner received endorsements during his 2020 campaign from the following individuals and organizations.

“Keith Goehner and I served on agricultural organizations together and are both graduates of the Washington Ag Forestry Leadership Program.  Keith has always been an analytical, consensus building leader.  His sensible and sound judgment will represent us well in Olympia.”

Phyllis Gleasman, Manson

“Throughout his terms as Chelan County Commissioner and his term as State Legislator for the 12th District, Keith has consistently provided this area with exceptional representation.  Keith’s proven leadership over the years shows that he is the clear choice to continue to represent the 12th District in Olympia.  He has earned our trust.  We endorse Keith’s re-election bid without qualification.”

Robert L. Dodge, Attorney at Law

“As our WA State Representative, Keith has been a strong advocate for the people of NCW. He understands the issues, is a good communicator and will take the time to listen. Being a lifelong resident of the area, Keith truly cares about everyone within the 12th District. We support Keith Goehner for re-election.”

Cass & Alycia Gebbers Brewster, WA

“Keith is a humble and patient leader who believes that we are a better steward with our money than the government is; that safe neighborhoods and schools require proactive policing; that forests should be managed and fires should be put out.  He advocates for local families like ours who cannot afford to pay for never-ending taxes and failed government projects.”

Alex Thomasen, Attorney at Law

“I’ve had the opportunity to know Keith Goehner as a Chelan County Commissioner as well as a member of our community. His background and skills have served our 12th District well as State Representative, and it’s imperative we allow him to continue his service during this challenging period. Keith has my vote, but most importantly, he has my respect.”

Matt Fields - Leavenworth

“As an orchardist, Keith understands this region’s economy, and the necessity for agriculture, recreation and tourism to work in harmony to sustain our beautiful area. Keith’s common-sense approach and calm demeanor, along with his first-hand experience in state government provide us with the best candidate to represent the needs of NCW. Please join me in voting for my good friend, Keith Goehner.”

David Burnett

“I urge you to join me in voting to re-elect Keith Goehner as our State Representative. I worked with Keith for many years at Chelan County and found him to be well informed and dedicated to serving the best interests of our area.”

Gary Riesen, Retired Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney

“I have known Keith Goehner and family for many years. Keith has provided years of public service with integrity. It is not just a job for him, he cares about issues that impact people and jobs in our local area.”

Mike Addleman, Cashmere Bethlehem Construction

“I support Representative Keith Goehner because he is both a small business person and a person that listens to his constituents to make logical decisions for our state to move forward.  Those decisions will be based on what will be best for the small businesses and best for the individuals of the state, not what is best for the government of the state.  That is why I am supporting the reelection of Representative Keith Goehner for the 12th Legislative District.”

Bob Lloyd, Lloyd Logging, Twisp

“In addition to being a strong advocate for local tourism and agriculture, Keith is a person of the highest character and professionalism. He is a true leader, capable of working productively with all sides while remaining true to his principles. Keith Goehner is the person I want representing the 12th District.”

Brad Blackburn

“Keith Goehner represents the best in our community.  Educator, orchardist, involved community leader with experience in the process of government after 15 years of serving as Chelan County Commissioner; Keith was always there to serve the needs of his constituents, not the needs of a faceless bureaucracy. His commitment to honesty in government, to encouraging government policy that respects the rights, personal freedom, strength and individualism of his constituents left a strong legacy of thoughtful leadership. I again support Keith Goehner for re-election as your 12th District representative.”

Robert Jankelson, Owner Tsillan Cellars


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