Dear Keith,

Please accept our congratulations on receiving the Washington Retail Association’s endorsement for your legislative race. You have demonstrated support for the goals of our membership, which covers some 3,800 storefronts across the state.

The Washington Retail Association is focused on fostering a thriving retail sector, which is crucial to our local and state economy and for meeting the needs of each and every citizen in Washington State. We believe that your election will support these efforts, ensuring that businesses have the resources and support they need to continue to serve Washington.

Please accept our best wishes for a successful campaign and feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Additionally, please add us to your communication distribution list so that we can be apprised of upcoming events that you may be hosting or attending.


Renée Sunde
President & CEO,
Washington Retail Association

Mark Johnson
Sr. VP of Policy & Government Affairs,
Washington Retail Association

Crystal Leatherman
Local & State Government Affairs Manager,
Washington Retail Association

Gene Sharratt
1494 Eastmont Ave Unit 63
East Wenatchee, WA  98802

Email:  genesharratt@outlook.com
June 25, 2024

RE:  Letter of endorsement for Keith Goehner for 12 District Senate seat

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Keith Goehner for the 12th District Senate seat. In my experience, Keith exemplifies the qualities and values that our community needs in a leader.

Keith leads from a strong sense of core values, which is evident in his dedication to economic prosperity and his unwavering commitment to honoring all voices within our district. His ability to listen authentically and collaborate effectively has fostered numerous community partnerships, leading to tangible improvements and a stronger sense of unity among us.

As an experienced leader, Keith has consistently demonstrated his tireless work ethic and dedication to building a vibrant and thriving 12th District. He is not only a trusted community leader but also a devoted family man who cares deeply about the future of our community. His genuine concern for our collective well-being and his proactive approach to addressing our challenges make him the ideal candidate for the Senate seat.

Keith’s commitment to listening to his constituents, understanding their needs, and working collaboratively to find solutions is unmatched. His leadership is characterized by integrity, transparency, and a genuine desire to serve.

I fully endorse Keith Goehner for the 12th District Senate seat. His proven track record of effective leadership, strong core values, and dedication to our community make him the best choice to represent us. I am confident that under his leadership, our district will continue to thrive and prosper.


Gene Sharratt

King County GOP Logo BlackDear Republican Candidate,

I am delighted to inform you that the KCGOP Executive Board voted last night to give your campaign our sole endorsement for the 2024 primary elections.

You are welcome to use the attached King County Republican Party logo(s) on your campaign websites, literature, and any other promotional materials as you see fit. Additionally, you may list us as an endorsing organization on your websites. This endorsement signifies our confidence in your candidacies and our support for your efforts to lead and represent our community.

We will be proudly posting your names as our endorsed 2024 candidates on the King County Republican Party website (www.kcgop.org). Moreover, we will be actively encouraging our voters to support and vote for you in the upcoming primary elections.

Congratulations once again on your endorsement. We look forward to seeing your continued success, both in the Primary election and into the General election.

Best regards,

Ben Gonzalez
Executive Director
King County Republican Party

Greetings, Representative Goehner:

It is our pleasure to share that Washington Farm Bureau PAC has endorsed your candidacy for the Washington State Senate.

Thank you for your support of issues vital to Washington agriculture and your continued desire to lead on these issues.

Thank you again for your willingness to serve the citizens of our great state.

Best Regards,

Bre Elsey

Director of Governmental Affairs

Washington Farm Bureau Political Action Committee Logo

2024 List of Endorsements

Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher
Former Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kunz
Former Wenatchee Mayor Dennis Johnson
Former Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Kelley Farivar
Former Leavenworth Mayor Rob Eaton
Lyman and Janeane Boyd
Elizabeth Detillian
Dr. Geoff and Diane Harms
Warren and Edie Hills
David and Andrea Piper
Mike and Suzi Redman
Mike and Nancy West
Cameron and Danielle West
Farzan and Cheri Farivar
Ken and Paula West
Rich and Teri Miller
Kimberly Schatz
Jody V. West,
Kevin and Camikae Lynch
Dan Acton
Mary Pat Barton
Jim and Missy Ward

What I like most about Keith is that I know that he will support the Men and Women in Law Enforcement which means safer streets and less crime, he will support our children to ensure that they will have a quality education and a positive experience in our schools, he is a man of integrity and honesty which is an important virtue that is critically needed to govern and serve the people of our State!

Sincerely, Kirk Pearson

Former WA State Senator 39th District

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