As the vice president of government affairs for the Association of Washington Business, it is my pleasure to share the candidates that have received AWB’s endorsement in the 2024 election campaign. This is the first round of endorsements and we will have additional rounds.

Our state’s economy is facing many challenges, and it is critically we elect candidates who have demonstrated an understanding of the challenges facing employers today, and have a desire to be champions for the economy.

The AWB board members voted today to endorse the following candidates for the state Legislature:

Dist. Candidate
2 House: Andrew Barkis (R)
2 Senate: Jim McCune (R)
4 House: Suzanne Schmidt (R)
6 House: Jenny Graham (R)
6 House: Mike Volz (R)
7 Senate: Shelly Short (R)
8 House: April Connors (R)
8 House: Stephanie Barnard (R)
9 House: Joe Schmick (R)
9 House: Mary Dye (R)
9 Senate: Mark Schoesler (R)
10 House: Yvonne Gallardo (R)
10 Senate: Ron Muzzall (R)
12 House: Mike Steele (R)
12 Senate: Keith Goehner
13 House: Alex Ybarra (R)
13 House: Tom Dent (R)
14 House: Chris Corry (R)
14 Senate: Curtis King (R)
16 House: Mark Klicker (R)
16 House: Skyler Rude (R)
16 Senate: Perry Dozier (R)
17 House: Kevin Waters (R)
17 Senate: Paul Harris (R)
18 House: Phillip Johnson (R)
18 House: Stephanie McClintock (R)
18 Senate: Greg Cheney (R)
19 House: Jim Walsh (R)
19 House: Joel McEntire (R)
19 Senate: Jeff Wilson (R)
20 House: Ed Orcutt (R)
20 House: Peter Abbarno (R)
20 Senate: John Braun (R)
24 Senate: Mike Chapman (D)
25 House: Cyndy Jacobsen (R)
25 Senate: Chris Gildon (R)
26 House: Michelle Caldier (R)
27 House: Jake Fey (D)
28 House: Mari Leavitt (D)
28 Senate: Maia Espinoza
31 House: Drew Stokesbary (R)
35 House: Dan Griffey (R)
35 House: Travis Couture (R)
39 House: Carolyn Eslick (R)
39 House: Sam Low (R)
39 Senate: Keith Wagoner (R)
42 House: Alicia Rule (D)
42 House: Joe Timmons (D)
45 House: Larry Springer (D)
48 House: Amy Walen (D)
49 Senate: Cleveland (D)