Keith Goehner

Keith Goehner, Washington State House Representative, GOP, 12th District

On this unique Labor Day weekend where we commemorate hard-working Americans, we recognize that there are still many who are not back doing the work they enjoyed and worked so diligently at to provide others with goods and services.

As a self-employed farmer, our work has continued but countless others have had their lives totally restructured. It is encouraging to see signs of strength in our economy but we also are aware that certain sectors will not recover as rapidly as others which will leave many people still unemployed and needing to be trained for new employment opportunities.

Better numbers with the virus are also a good sign and hopefully, we will be back living a more normal life soon and people will be back at work and businesses will again be profitable. Enjoy your Labor Day and be thankful for all we have been blessed with and let us look forward to better days ahead.