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Dr. Gene Sharratt

Dr. Gene Sharratt


Ron Walter


Ruth Esparza

Ruth EsparzaEndorsement

Educators, Administration and Retired teachers/admin and their spouses who support Keith Goehner, Washington State House Representative, 12th Legislative District.



  • Steve and Laura Roche
  • Jeff and Megan Carlson
  • Collin and Jenny Davidson
  • Aaron and Becky Binger
  • Doug and Renee Merrill
  • Ben and Farah Dotson
  • Geoff and Jodi Smith
  • Rick and Diane Hallberg
  • Sue North
  • Marcia Ramsey
  • Toby Johnson
  • Josh and Heidi Hill
  • Meg Lovercamp
  • Andy Groce Sue Wilson



  • Brian Flones
  • Bill Motsenbocker
  • Greg Lovercamp



  • Jerry and Berta Merrill
  • Tom and Verna Black
  • Norm and Cheryl Armstrong
  • Pete Black
  • Mike and Cindy Franza
  • Terry and Terry Hammond
  •  Howard and Peggy Cook
  • Scott and Marcia Green
  • Dick and Jeanne Zorns
  • Jim and Evelyn Kellogg



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