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Creating Opportunities and Beneficial Legislation for Business and Industry are Key to the Success of the 12th District.

  • Agriculture continues to be the greatest economic driver of our district.  We must protect the farmer’s ability to farm by not allowing regulation to stifle innovation in the agriculture industry.  We must address workforce shortages to ensure crops are farmed and harvested in a timely manner.

  • Tourism continues to be a vital component of our economy.  We need to encourage more diversity in the activities provided and support the existing attractions.  The jobs created have been a great benefit in providing employment opportunities for many.  The success of the tourism industry has allowed for reinvestment in our communities.

  • Preserving and building out the infrastructure to accommodate our transportation needs is a high priority.  The ability to transport our goods out of the district and providing better access for new business development is critical to our economic stability.  Securing funding to replace the aging components needs to be pursued.

As State Representative, I am committed to ensuring that our counties and cities are provided the funding needed to perform the necessary services of local government, while protecting your constitutional rights.