Keith Goehner

Keith Goehner, 12th District State Representative, GOP

This has been an interesting interim and as we look toward the upcoming session, there have been several issues that I have been working on. COVID lingers on and continues to impact our lives both physically and politically, but we will hopefully be able to meet in Olympia to conduct business.

The Long-term Care legislation is facing considerable opposition and I am supportive of the efforts to revise it so that individuals have options.

Predictable and affordable energy is being threatened with upcoming legislation. and we need to ensure that benefits we have enjoyed from our clean, affordable, and renewable hydropower are preserved. Other clean and renewable options are being considered and hold great promise for the 12th District.

Forest health is critical for our area and its role in the State’s environmental objectives. Prescribed burns, timber thinning, harvest and other forest activities will provide a healthy forest, better habitat, an economic boost, and carbon sequestration.

Water sufficiency is vital for our area, and I have had opportunities to work on domestic, irrigation and water resource concerns. Future storage is being considered and this will allow for better use of water throughout the year.

This will be a short session but there is no shortage of legislation to be considered. We will be having Assembly and Committee meetings in the near future which will focus on the direction of the 2022 Session.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.